Day of Birth, Horoscope (Sample)

Developer:Ercan Duman
Version: 1
Test Cycle: #1
Platform: Samsung S Duos (Android 4.2.2)
Updated on: 2016-03-30



  • ‘Home’, ‘Age’ and ‘Horoscope’ tabs can be merged into a single tab. We would recommend you to try other navigation patterns as the tab navigation is not necessary for the functionalities the app offers.
  • We recommend you to check your sentence structure and word selection. Some example cases could be: Change ‘Remain days for next birthday,’ to ‘Remaining days for next birthday’ ‘Did you like app?’ to ‘Did you like this app’
  • Since there is no paid version of the app is available, you can remove the ‘Free’ text from app logo.
  • App name and the Google Play name differ. Review the names.




App Specific Test